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I'm Jackie

undeniable optimist, life & Accountability coach.

My mission in life is to inspire positivity and strength in others. Glass Half Full helps others conquer their mindset, get out of their own way, and work towards being their best selves. You can find me leading workshops, sharing positive perspectives, or working on my own self-improvement efforts.

I created the Accountability Club to help you achieve your goals with the support and accountability that’s needed. I know what it’s like to play small and not be able to get out of your own head. Against the odds, I broke through the glass ceiling from an administrative assistant to senior project manager in a handful of years at Boston Children’s Hospital. Then I found my voice with Glass Half Full and what it feels like to conquer your mindset to fulfill what it is you really want in life.

What is extremely important to me?

  • Constant learning & growth, you should never stop either

  • Positive mindset, people, and experiences

  • Love & connection - of self, and others

  • Hard work, determination, drive

  • Emotions, feelings, vulnerability - all of it!

I am committed to sharing my voice and coaching others towards strengthening their mindset and developing a strong sense of self towards personal success. The world needs more love, more positivity. If me sharing adds that to the world, it's all worth it. We're in this together - my tribe! 

Join me on this journey!

With love,