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I'm Jackie

i believe we all have a need to be seen and feel heard.

My self-exploration journey continuously has me peeling apart the layers of who I am and what I want. I dig deep to answer hard questions around where old stories & emotional pain intersect; where do I want change in my life; why am I feeling stuck; how can I get deal with and get rid of this negative energy? This is an ongoing healing and introspective process, ultimately opening up space to discover what brings me joy, fulfillment, and positive energy.

What do I bring to my clients?

  • I’ve completed CTI’s Co-Active Coach® Training and coached 300+ workshop attendees & clients. I have an undeniable passion for coaching others; to help us speak our truth and unlock the real power within.

  • Expertise accelerating growth and success as a Senior Project Manager on the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital. Master’s degree focused on e-commerce & technology from Boston University.

  • A safe place to speak, unfiltered, without judgment - to say what you’ve never said out loud.

  • A transformative journey filled with introspection, healing, a renewed sense of self, joy, and success.

  • A commitment to helping you curate a fulfilling life; one that you cannot get enough of and that truly makes you feel alive.

I am committed to bringing more light to this world. Let’s go find yours!