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It can feel daunting to make life changes on your own. There are countless ideas, challenges, and dreams we never start because we come up with all the excuses why we can’t do them. It may feel too overwhelming to start, so we choose not to.

The answer? An Accountability coach and club motivated to lift you up and help your mind push past those obstacles. I’ll be there to guide and support you.

I know what it’s like to have an inner voice that tries to keep you playing small. I have built this club to share and show you how strong you are.

I am here to see you win. But you have to be committed and ready to take action.

The American Society of Training and Development conducted a study about accountability and found the following success rates for completing goals:

  • 10%           You have an idea or a goal

  • 25%           You consciously decide you will achieve the goal

  • 40%           You decide when you will achieve the goal

  • 50%           You plan how you will accomplish the goal

  • 65%           You commit to someone that you will achieve the goal

  • 95%           You make an accountability appointment with a person to whom you've committed

Here are a few of my major life changes that needed accountability:
Weight loss, public speaking, growing in my career, finding and building my self worth and love, making better dating decisions, not allowing my inner critic to overpower my every move, not playing small with my life and business, and continuously achieving milestones towards my goals. Sometimes we want to improve, but get stuck.

The Accountability Club aims to help keep you growing and succeeding, at a lower cost and intensity than one-on-one coaching sessions. I’ll be monitoring your progress with weekly check-ins. You will also be able to have a connection with other club members working through their own obstacles and goals. You will feel ready to take on any challenges that come your way, because you’re not in it alone. I’m here to support you every step of the way.

The Accountability Club includes:

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$49 per month

  • Exploratory call to discuss goals and vision

  • Weekly check-ins, goal tracking, accountability and encouragement

  • Measured progress and success via easy to use platform

  • Monthly scheduled group Accountability Club member video call; join to discuss and connect with other club members

  • 15% discount for add-on coaching sessions

Premium: All of Standard plus
$99 per month

  • Additional coaching session to define goals and milestones

  • Beginning and end of the month video check-in

  • Bi-weekly scheduled group Accountability Club member video call; join to discuss and connect with other club members

  • Support as needed

  • 20% discount for add-on coaching sessions

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