The Simple Truth About Being an Adult


In a few weeks on September 7th, I’ll be speaking at the BostonSpeaks breakfast series on “How To Be an Adult.” For more information & to RSVP, click here for my Events page.


I will be sure to share my thoughts after the event! For now, this is what comes to mind..

I don’t think being an adult is about anything you have. It’s all about how whole you are on the inside, how much love you have for yourself, and eventually towards others. We label ourselves at such a young age & carry those stories with us throughout our lives. Some are good, while many others contribute to all the negative self-talk we do.

We spend our lives with these stories, but at some point, you have to learn to let them go. Sometimes I find myself running from them or shutting them out. But what good does that do? It’s a temporary solution to a much larger problem. You have to deeply turn inwards to feel the pain and ask yourself why you are holding onto it. Sometimes it’s more comfortable and easy to feel what we’ve always felt than to challenge it and do the work to set ourselves free.

But I want you to start to take steps to accept your imperfections and your past pain, turning them from weakness to strength. Choose to love yourself more each day and forgive yourself for all the hurtful things you believed were true.

This video was a few of the first things that came to mind when my little brother asked me how to be an adult.

  1. Stop seeking validation – stop trying to be perfect.
  2. Unlearn everything you learned as a child.
  3. Enjoy the simple things.

This may sound simple, but it’s not. It’s always a work in progress, but the more you focus on your Glass Half Full, the less you will focus on the empty side that doesn’t serve you. The best part about being an adult is that you have the power to choose the lens through which you see life..