3 Tips on Starting Your Goals!


Take Action! Whatever you’ve been pushing off, take a moment right now to commit one action to move a step forward.

It’s the new year; you may have started with a list of ambitions when January 1st came around. Ask yourself how much action have you put towards reaching your goals? Maybe you’ve made progress on some, but pushed off others.

We are human, life is busy, and sometimes we just struggle with getting started, which can be the hardest part!

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We think so much about it, go down the excuse path of why we can push it off, or listen to all the doubts that creep into our minds. We return to our comfort zone because it’s easier to stay there. If this is what you do, take a moment to be aware of it and recognize it when it creeps up on you again! Push past the discomfort and all the others things you could be doing besides working towards your goals!

Here are 3 tips on starting your goals!

1)    Positive self-talk and encouragement. Positive self-talk and motivation is a crucial first step, do not underestimate how important this is. We are naturally great at endlessly talking bad to ourselves. It is intentional, hard work to talk yourself up every day so that when the doubts come in, you need a powerful, encouraging voice to combat them! The more you can talk yourself into something, the more likely you will take action and feel empowered.

When I was starting my fitness journey, I weighed 30lbs more than I do now. I felt fat, ugly, uncomfortable, and defeated before I even started. To build up my confidence to get to the gym regularly, I started at home with Insanity DVD's. A few months went by, and I was already feeling empowered! I was ready for the next step.

Define your “why,” why you are working towards this goal. Build your self-love. The more you can come back to this, the more ingrained it becomes in your mind to push forward. YOU are worth it.

2)    Make an actionable plan with small steps. Celebrate small wins! It is overwhelming to think about how you will achieve a final goal, such as “lose 20 lbs, build a website, move to a different state, get a new job, etc.” Start to break it down into small actionable steps, which will increase your chances of starting and continuing to build momentum.



Break it down

It will be less daunting, and with your positive encouragement you make in step 1, you will continue to move forward. When you do this, CELEBRATE those small milestones and wins! Just because you haven’t reached your goal yet, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your progress.

3)    Be patient with the process, don’t quit when you hit a setback, and keep going. It is only human to come across set-backs. Maybe you have a bad day, week or month and you start to lose traction. Then your negative self-talk begins to beat you down. The beast grows, and you feel defeated, unworthy, unmotivated. Maybe you’re working towards losing weight, and you’re not losing weight, but you look around at others at the gym or social media, and they look amazing! DO NOT let this beast win. Be aware tough times will come and allow it to pass.

If you have built that positive self-talk and encouragement, this is when it really will come into play and back you up. Then you can get back to your plan, and move forward. That muscle will become stronger than that pessimistic beast within you, and your life will change because of it.

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Be strong.
You got this!


One of the best lessons I got was from a public speaking workshop from  Boston Speaks. At the end of the session, Kit Pang asked, “What was one takeaway you got from today’s session”? People started to share. Then he explained, “Okay, you may have learned all these new things, but many times will you go back home wanting to put these lessons to action but life gets busy, and you never do. What is the one action step you’ll take today to hold yourself accountable?”

It stuck with me because he was absolutely right. It was the day I challenged myself to post a vlog on Instagram stories every day for a month in December, no matter how uncomfortable I felt (I had never really spoken on video before). It without question changed my life. 

What are you going to do to take action today? Write it down now!
Share with me to keep yourself accountable!