That time I auditioned for The Bachelor

That time I thought to myself, why not? You don't get what you don't try for! I even went to NYC for the open call casting event. I thought about it for years since I was a teenager and I always had friends/family telling me I should try it. I always envisioned being that one girl who was "really in it for love". 

Believe it or not, this process opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself and life. Maybe I'll even share it down the road.

I haven't really fully shared my story, but here are pieces of it. A glimpse into my life and heart. And the first time I was EVER on video. It's great to see how far I've come with being more comfortable and myself. I feel vulnerable sharing this, but I believe in the power of vulnerability. So I'll finally share it with all of you!

That crazy thing you want to do? Do it. Quiet the voices. Take a chance. Go outside your comfort zone. It just might change your life.