Jackie Riso

I help high achievers look beyond their career to create a more meaningful & fulfilled life.

You have worked really hard to get to where you are but feel like there should be something more. You are more than just your job; you are a whole person with a meaningful life. Maybe you’re feeling stuck or a lack of fulfillment; you do not have to stay there. Let’s identify who you are and the life you desire.


Coaching clients:

 "I worked with Jackie for life/career coaching on a weekly basis for one month. During that time, I noticed a significant change in my focus, perspective, and general outlook on life. Prior to working with Jackie, I was feeling very down about my career path and overwhelmed with my ongoing job search. Jackie's coaching techniques really helped me take a step back and identify what it is truly is that I am seeking in a new role and how to best approach getting there. She helped me realize my potential as well as helped me focus on the value of the positive aspects of where I currently am in my life and career right now. I would highly encourage anyone who is feeling "stuck" in their life, career, or relationships to work with Jackie. Even one session can make all the difference in your day-to-day perspective on where you are in life and where you want to be headed."

“I've been a client of Jackie's for almost a year now, and have made a lot of progress working with her. From getting rid of some bad dietary habits, to drastically improving my professional career (she helped me land a job with a 100% pay raise at in an amazing tech environment!)
Highly recommend connecting with her and seeing how she can help you grow your personal and professional life!”


Workshop attendees:

“I was comfortable and felt like I was able to speak freely. You are very attentive and genuinely seem to care about helping people improve their lives.”

“I learned that I’m not alone in facing obstacles that deter me from working towards goals.”

“I learned that I’m holding myself back more than I realized and need to get out of my own way.”

“Jackie is an excellent presenter, coach, and communicator around helping others to be their best selves.”

“I learned I should work on my inner critic and love myself more. This helps reduce anxiety and stress.”

Jackie is proof that you can CHOOSE to create an environment filled with growth even if you were born into an environment of staying small.”

“Today I learned that I make choices and am not disabled. It was a little freeing.”

“Jackie is easy to talk to and genuine and has really useful tips and perspectives on how to tackle challenges.”

“Jackie immediately creates fun, welcoming communities at her workshops, helping us open up, share out thoughts, and push ourselves to become better.”

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